Why Work with us

We Love what we do

Our team is talented enough to service any industry. We chose cannabis because it's more community than industry, a community we love adding value to!

we get high

If you blaze, let's get together and sesh! Most cannabis agencies are just a departments of a larger corporate agencies expanding into the cannabis vertical. Call them up, see if they'll join you for a sesh.

we get results

We don't create for awards or for our own egos. We do it for results. We love exceeding KPIs. We want long lasting client relationships. That only happens if our work consistently gets quality results.


We're active in the community. We know the influencers. We're up on the trends. We know what gets attention. You're probably already following some of us on social.

We go fast

This indutry is moving fast. That's how we like it. We turn things around quick. Time is money, and we're not gonna waste yours.

We keep it under budget

We respect jobs of all scopes. If you have ongoing creative needs, we can work on retainer to save you money. Or, if you have a set project budget we can work within that also.


If you'd like to call us, please use this form or email us at contact@theknifeagency.com and we'll schedule a time.